We are experts in their own fields who have set out to reopen a market that has not yet broken its traditional theories within the rules of the new world, textile, which is Turkey's locomotive sector together with tourism, to the world.

You can position your desired design on the color and top clothing product you prefer through our module to design the design in the fastest way and easily send it to production.


Everything starts with "Chemistry".

In this adventure, which we started in 2018 by being entitled to receive support from the TUBITAK 1507 program with the "Development of Pigment-Based Water Stable Disperse Digital Printer Ink" project, today we produce all our ink and other chemicals ourselves.

We convert traditional textile printing to digital

Traditional textile printing, which is called screen printing or screen printing, has a hard touch and can work with a maximum of 4-6 colors. In addition, there is an obligation to prepare a mold for each color. Digital printing, with its 16 million different colors, with the softest touch and without the cost of the mold, precedes the screen printing.

Scalable systems are our business

Wepod aims to establish a structure that can grow continuously by combining the power of digital printing machines with its software infrastructure. In this way, it works on software that can be executed from a single point by establishing country independent production workshops (POD). Our aim is to accelerate the digital transformation in textile and to offer it to everyone easily.